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Financements-Research Grants - available subjects (2017-2018)

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Choice/Selection of subjects, ordered by research main line :

main line : Neurosciences
EA2465 - Head : GOSSELET FABIEN (fabien.gosselet@univ-artois.fr)
1 - (réf. -NEU/2018009) thesis director : KARAMANOS IOANNIS (ioannis.karamanos@univ-artois.fr)

Role of pericyte-derived exosomes in cross-talk with cerebral endothelial cells: modulation of blood-brain barrier properties and a potential new route to target the brain compartment
keywords : blood-brain barrier; exosomes; pericytes;

EA7369 éQ. 01 - Head : BERTHOIN SERGE (serge.berthoin@univ-lille2.fr)
2 - (réf. -NEU/2018066) thesis director : STEVENS LAURENCE (Laurence.Stevens@univ-lille1.fr)

Analysis of early protein markers in skeletal muscles during hypoactivity situations
keywords : Muscle atrophy - Muscle plasticity - Contractile proteome - Myofibrillar proteins - Sarcoplasmic reticulum - Intracellular signalling

INSERM U1171 - Head : BORDET REGIS (regis.bordet@univ-lille2.fr)
3 - (réf. -NEU/2018037) thesis director : BETROUNI NACIM (nacim.betrouni@inserm.fr)

The virtual biopsy for neurodegenerative diseases: A radiomics approach.
keywords : Neurodegenerative diseases, Imaging, Radiomics, Markers, histology.

4 - (réf. -NEU/2018090) thesis director : BORDET REGIS (regis.bordet@univ-lille2.fr)

Impaired facial and vocal emotional recognition after stroke
keywords : Facial emotion Emotional prosody Stroke MRI

INSERM U1172 éQ. 01 - Head : BUEE LUC (luc.buee@univ-lille2.fr)
5 - (réf. -NEU/2018023) thesis director : GALAS MARIE-CHRISTINE (marie-christine.galas@inserm.fr)

Role of differentiation factors in the neuronal DNA damage response: link to tauopathies
keywords : Tau, Alzheimer disease, DNA, neuron

6 - (réf. -NEU/2018024) thesis director : LEFEBVRE BRUNO (bruno.lefebvre@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of Tau protein in DNA repair
keywords : Tau-neurodegeneration-oxydative stress-DNA damage-Double-strand break-DNA repair

7 - (réf. -NEU/2018048) thesis director : COLIN MORVANE (morvane.colin@inserm.fr)

Extracellular vesicles as shuttle for pathological species of Tau in tauopathies
keywords : Tauopathies, tau, spreading, extracellular vesicles, spreading, 'Prion-like' diseases, secretion, cell to cell transfer, biomarkers

8 - (réf. -NEU/2018067) thesis director : BUEE-SCHERRER VALERIE (valerie.buee-scherrer@inserm.fr)

Molecular and behavioral characterization of an innovative model of tauopathy.
keywords : Tauopathies, Tau, Neuron, Animal Models

9 - (réf. -NEU/2018081) thesis director : VINGTDEUX VALERIE (valerie.vingtdeux@inserm.fr)

Link between neuroenergetics and lysosomal function: importance for AD?
keywords : Mitochondria, Lysosome, degradation, metabolism, signalization, Alzheimer's disease

10 - (réf. -NEU/2018105) thesis director : SERGEANT NICOLAS / MELNYK PATRICIA (nicolas.sergeant@inserm.fr / patricia.melnyk@univ-lille2.fr)

Research of the mode of action of anti-Alzheimer molecule on a new pharmacological target
keywords : Alzheimer's disease - amyloid-ß peptide

INSERM U1172 éQ. 02 - Head : PREVOT VINCENT (vincent.prevot@inserm.fr)
11 - (réf. -NEU/2018068) thesis director : PREVOT VINCENT (vincent.prevot@inserm.fr)

The tanycyte-neuron lactate shuttle: a new control mechanism of the neural circuits of food intake
keywords : Hypothalamus, food intake, neuron-glia interactions, metabolic coupling, lactate, patch-clamp

12 - (réf. -NEU/2018079) thesis director : SHARIF ARIANE (ariane.sharif@inserm.fr)

Control of the hypothalamic stem cell niche by the Hippo pathway
keywords : tanycytes, Hippo signalling, neural stem cells, hypothalamus, energy metabolism

13 - (réf. -NEU/2018086) thesis director : DEHOUCK BENEDICTE (benedicte.dehouck@inserm.fr)

Postnatal development of the tanycytic barrier: impact in the establishment of obesity and associated pathologies
keywords : Obesity, energy homeostasis, hypothalamus, blood-brain interface, tanycytes, fenestrated vessels, circumventricular organs

INSERM U1172 éQ. 03 - Head : CHARTIER-HARLIN MARIE-CHRISTINE (marie-christine.chartier-harlin@inserm.f)
14 - (réf. -NEU/2018109) thesis director : CHARTIER-HARLIN MARIE-CHRISTINE / JEAN-MARC TAYMANS (marie-christine.chartier-harlin@inserm.fr / jean-marc.taymans@univ-lille2.fr)

Study of Translation in Parkinson's disease
keywords : Parkinson's disease - LRRK2

UMR-CNRS 9193 éQ. 01 - Head : BOUCART MURIEL (boucart.muriel@bbox.fr)
15 - (réf. -NEU/2018018) thesis director : BONNET CEDRICK (cedrick.bonnet@chru-lille.fr)

to study the synergies between visual, postural and cognitive behaviors to succeed in precise visual tasks performed upright
keywords : Vision-posture synergy, functional synergy, instability-related synergy, eye movement, visual performance, postural control, visual tasks, age-related deficiencies, Parkinson's disease-related deficiencies

16 - (réf. -NEU/2018094) thesis director : BOUCART MURIEL (boucart.muriel@bbox.fr)

Impact of the visual impairment on spatial cognition: How digital tools can help patients with central and/or peripheral loss of vision?
keywords : vision, cognition, neuroscience, computer vision, glaucoma, Age-related macular disease.

UMR-CNRS 9193 éQ. 02 - Head : SEQUEIRA HENRIQUE (Henrique.Sequeira@univ-lille1.fr)
17 - (réf. -NEU/2018093) thesis director : SEQUEIRA HENRIQUE (Henrique.Sequeira@univ-lille1.fr)

Attention Bias in Anxiety and Depression: Autonomic and behavioral approach
keywords : Emotion, Attention, Autonomic Nervous System, Anxiety, Depression

main line : Infection, Inflammation, Immunology, Microbiology
EA3610 - Head : HOBER DIDIER (didier.hober@chru-lille.fr)
18 - (réf. -3IM/2018004) thesis director : HOBER DIDIER (didier.hober@chru-lille.fr)

Towards a coxsackievirus B-based vaccine to combat type 1 diabetes mellitus
keywords : - Cell culture (cell lines and primary cells (spleen cells)) - Virus culture (CVB4) - Titration of virus (CVB4) in culture supernatants and in samples of organs - Sero-neutralization in vitro with serum/IgG or antibodies isolated from serum inhibition of the CVB4-induced cytopathic effect - Enhancement of the CVB4 infection with serum /IgG or antibodies isolated from serum in vitro. Virus incubated with serum (diluted) before inoculating the mixture to spleen cells. The level of viral RNA in cells is quantified by re al time qRT-PCR. - Real time qRT-PCR: to quantify viral RNA in cells (in vitro) and in samples of organs. - Histologic analysis of organs from mice - Elisa for the detection of antibodies - Depletion/ enrichment of serum with antibodies : serum incubated in antigen-coated wells and elution of antibodies - Experiments in animals : mouse model . Studies carried out with people authorized to perform studies in animals. The candidate will be trained to experiments in animal during the first year of thesis.

INSERM U1011 éQ. 03 - Head : DOMBROWICZ DAVID (david.dombrowicz@pasteur-lille.fr)
19 - (réf. -3IM/2018046) thesis director : DOMBROWICZ DAVID (david.dombrowicz@pasteur-lille.fr)

Control of fonction and tissue specificity of regulatory T lymphocytes by the nuclear receptor RORalpha
keywords : Regulatory T cells, nuclear receptors, inflammation, metabolism, physiopathology

INSERM U1172 éQ. 04 - Head : QUESNEL BRUNO (brunoquesnel@hotmail.com)
20 - (réf. -3IM/2018035) thesis director : IDZIOREK THIERRY / BRINSTER CARINE (thierry.idziorek@inserm.fr / carine.brinster@inserm.fr)

Characterization and tracking of “exhausted” T lymphocytes in acute myeloid leukemia- affected patients at diagnosis and after treatment
keywords : T lymphocytes, T cell repertoire analysis, acute myeloid leukemia-affected patients

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
21 - (réf. -3IM/2018056) thesis director : DEPREZ-POULAIN REBECCA (rebecca.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)

Target-guided synthesis of ligands of metalloenzymes for therapeutic applications
keywords : medicinal chemistry, proteases, lactamases, synthesis

INSERM U1192 - Head : SALZET MICHEL (michel.salzet@univ-lille1.fr)
22 - (réf. -3IM/2018033) thesis director : SALZET MICHEL (michel.salzet@univ-lille1.fr)

Do neuronal cells produce true antibodies? (Nobody)
keywords : Auto-antibodies, Astrcoytes, Glioma

INSERM U995 éQ. 01 - Head : DUBUQUOY LAURENT (laurent.dubuquoy@inserm.fr)
23 - (réf. -3IM/2018001) thesis director : DHARANCY SEBASTIEN (sebastien.dharancy@univ-lille2.fr)

Pathways modulating hepatic regeneration during alcoholic hepatitis, cellular mechanisms and therapeutic targets.
keywords : Alcoholic hepatitis, pathophysiology, regeneration, hepatocyte, progenitor

24 - (réf. -3IM/2018003) thesis director : DESREUMAUX PIERRE (pdesreumaux@hotmail.com)

dEoxyniValenol as risk factor for Inflammatory bowel diseases: human detoxifiCaTion and Impact On intestiNal microbiota and homeostasis.
keywords : mycotoxin, environmental risk factors, chronic inflammatory diseases, gut, immune reponse, microbiota, detoxification

25 - (réf. -3IM/2018017) thesis director : MERESSE BERTRAND (bertrand.meresse@inserm.fr)

Role and development of pathologic immune responses in inflammatory bowel disease
keywords : Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, chronic inflammation, gut, memory cells

INSERM U995 éQ. 03 - Head : VERMERSCH PATRICK (patrick.vermersch@univ-lille2.fr)
26 - (réf. -3IM/2018106) thesis director : LAUNAY DAVID (david.launay@chru-lille.fr)

Study of the pathogenic role of anti-TIF1γ autoantibodies in patients with systemic sclerosis and dermatomyositis
keywords : Anti-TIF1γ antibodies, auto-antibodies, autoimmune disease, fibrosis Anti-TIF1γ antibodies, auto-antibodies, autoimmune disease, fibrosis

INSERM U995 éQ. 04 - Head : GOTTRAND FREDERIC (frederic.gottrand@chru-lille.fr)
27 - (réf. -3IM/2018103) thesis director : SEGUY DAVID (david.seguy@univ-lille2.fr)

Renforcement de la barrière intestinale dans la réaction aiguë du greffon contre l'hôte (GvHDa)
keywords : allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation ; chemotherapy ; graft versus host disease, intestinal barrier ; animal models gut microbiota

28 - (réf. -3IM/2018099) thesis director : DESSEYN JEAN-LUC / GOUYER VALERIE (jean-luc.desseyn@inserm.fr / valerie.gouyer@inserm.fr)

How to strengthen the cervical mucus to prevent preterm birth
keywords : microbiology, infection, mucus

INSERM U995 éQ. 05 - Head : GOWER-ROUSSEAU CORINNE (corinne.gower@gmail.com)
29 - (réf. -3IM/2018007) thesis director : GOWER-ROUSSEAU CORINNE (corinne.gower@gmail.com)

Study and prevention of the effects of particulate matter exposure on intestinal homeostasis
keywords : Air pollution. Inflammation. Intestinal.

INSERM U995 éQ. 07 - Head : CHAVATTE PHILIPPE (philippe.chavatte@univ-lille2.fr)
30 - (réf. -3IM/2018006) thesis director : MILLET REGIS (regis.millet@univ-lille2.fr)

Development of NOD1 receptor antagonists to prevent liver ischemia/reperfusion.
keywords : medicinal chemistry, inflammation, liver, NOD1, polymorphonuclear neutrophil, hepatocyte, cytoplasmic receptor, organic synthesis, immunology

31 - (réf. -3IM/2018020) thesis director : FARCE AMAURY (amaury.farce-2@univ-lille2.fr)

In silico analysis of anti inflammatory mechanisms of shP28GST
keywords : inflammation intestinal helminth GST mechanism glutathion in silico

32 - (réf. -3IM/2018075) thesis director : BETBEDER DIDIER (betbederdidier985@gmail.com)

Study of the mechanisms allowing nanodrugs to treat inflammatory bowel disease
keywords : nanotechnologies, anti-inflammatory drugs, Crohn's disease, mechanisms

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 04 - Head : MELNYK OLEG (oleg.melnyk@ibl.cnrs.fr)
33 - (réf. -3IM/2018059) thesis director : MELNYK OLEG (oleg.melnyk@ibl.cnrs.fr)

A chemical biology approach toward innovative granulysin protein analogs
keywords : Protein chemical synthesis, native amide-bond formation by ligation reactions, protein folding, mass spectrometry, NMR

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 01 - Head : MARION Sabrina / GISSOT Mathieu (mathieu.gissot@pasteur-lille.fr)
34 - (réf. -3IM/2018002) thesis director : GISSOT MATHIEU (mathieu.gissot@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of crucial regulators in the control of Toxoplasma gondii proliferation
keywords : Toxoplasma, gene expression, transcription factor, cell cycle.

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 02 - Head : KHALIFE JAMAL (Jamal.Khalife@pasteur-lille.fr)
35 - (réf. -3IM/2018045) thesis director : KHALIFE JAMAL (Jamal.Khalife@pasteur-lille.fr)

Molecular and Functional Characterization of PPM6 of Plasmodium spp, as a Potential Antimalarial Drug Target
keywords : Plasmodium, phosphatase, phosphorylation, regulation

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 03 - Head : VISCOGLIOSI ERIC (eric.viscogliosi@pasteur-lille.fr)
36 - (réf. -3IM/2018010) thesis director : VISCOGLIOSI ERIC (eric.viscogliosi@pasteur-lille.fr)

Life cycle and antioxidant enzymatic machinery of the enteric parasitic protozoa Blastocystis
keywords : Blastocystis; Enteric protozoan parasite; Life cycle; Encystment / excystation; Antioxidant enzymes; In silico analysis; Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Functional genetics

37 - (réf. -3IM/2018028) thesis director : CERTAD GABRIELA (gabriela.certad@pasteur-lille.fr)

“Identification of the molecular signature of Cryptosporiidium parvum-induced digestive cancer in vivo and in vitro models”
keywords : Cancer, Cryptosporidium, parasite, infection and cancer, SCID, Ex vivo culture, Colonic explant.

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 04 - Head : PIED SYLVIANE (sylviane.pied@pasteur-lille.fr)
38 - (réf. -3IM/2018026) thesis director : PIED SYLVIANE (sylviane.pied@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of Astrocytes in neuroinflammatory disorders associate to malaria and premature brain aging
keywords : neuroinflammation, infection, autoimmunity, malaria

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 05 - Head : DUBUISSON JEAN (jean.dubuisson@ibl.cnrs.fr)
39 - (réf. -3IM/2018058) thesis director : ALIOUAT-DENIS CECILE-MARIE (cecile.aliouat@univ-lille2.fr)

Characterization of the Hepatitis E virus replicase
keywords : Hepatitis E, ORF1p, replicase, processing, subcellular localization, ultrastructure

40 - (réf. -3IM/2018107) thesis director : SERON KARIN (karin.seron@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Investigation of the mechanisms of action of entry inhibitors of Middle-East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV)
keywords : coronavirus, entrée virale, antiviraux

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 07 - Head : BRODIN PRISCILLE (priscille.brodin@ibl.fr)
41 - (réf. -3IM/2018085) thesis director : BRODIN PRISCILLE (priscille.brodin@ibl.fr)

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of intracellular trafficking of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in macrophages
keywords : Mycobacterium tuberculosis, macrophages, molecular and cellular signalling, high-content imaging, mouse model, host-pathogen interactions, host-directed therapy

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 08 - Head : LOCHT CAMILLE (camille.locht@pasteur-lille.fr)
42 - (réf. -3IM/2018083) thesis director : JACOB-DUBUISSON FRANCOISE (francoise.jacob@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Characterization of a new transport system for copper in Bordetella pertussis
keywords : Bordetella pertussis; pathogenesis; regulation; copper homeotasis; transporter

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 09 - Head : LAFONT FRANK (Frank.Lafont@pasteur-lille.fr)
43 - (réf. -3IM/2018052) thesis director : LAFONT FRANK (Frank.Lafont@pasteur-lille.fr)

How lipids modify the susceptibility of infection of the Elderly
keywords : infection, aging, imaging, autophagy, nosocomial diseases, omega lipids

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 12 - Head : TROTTEIN FRANCOIS (francois.trottein@pasteur-lille.fr)
44 - (réf. -3IM/2018012) thesis director : SIRARD JEAN-CLAUDE (jean-claude.sirard@inserm.fr)

Immunotherapies for multidrug-resistant bacterial respiratory infections
keywords : bacterial pneumonia, innate immunity, antibiotic, resistance

45 - (réf. -3IM/2018041) thesis director : TROTTEIN FRANCOIS (francois.trottein@pasteur-lille.fr)

Deciphering the role of short chain fatty acids on pulmonary immune responses during bacterial superinfection post-influenza
keywords : Influenza, secondary bacterial infections, microbiota, short chain fatty acids, host defense, barrier

46 - (réf. -3IM/2018074) thesis director : WOLOWCZUK ISABELLE (Isabelle.Wolowczuk@pasteur-lille.fr)

Mechanisms of influenza virus-induced white adipose tissue browning
keywords : Influenza virus, white adipose tissue, browning, ILCs, (pre)adipocytes

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 13 - Head : TSICOPOULOS ANNE (anne.tsicopoulos@pasteur-lille.fr)
47 - (réf. -3IM/2018034) thesis director : POULAIN-GODEFROY ODILE (odile.poulain@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of GPR35 in pulmonary immune response and allergic asthma
keywords : pulmonary immunity, asthma, kynurenine pathway, GPR35, inflammation, lung

main line : Glycobiology
EA7369 éQ. 01 - Head : BERTHOIN SERGE (serge.berthoin@univ-lille2.fr)
48 - (réf. -GLB/2018063) thesis director : CIENIEWSKI-BERNARD CAROLINE / AGBULUT ONNIK (caroline.cieniewski-bernard@univ-lille.fr / onnik.agbulut@upmc.fr)

The αB-crystallin: a therapeutic promising to alleviate the deleterious impact of desmin aggregate in myofibrillar myopathies, and by expansion, proteinopathies?
keywords : O-GlcNAcylation, phosphorylation, proteostasis, αB-crystallin, proteotoxicity, proteinopathies

INSERM U1190 éQ. 01 - Head : PATTOU FRANCOIS (francois.pattou@univ-lille2.fr)
49 - (réf. -GLB/2018097) thesis director : BONNER CAROLINE (caroline.bonner@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of Hepatocyte-Nuclear-Factor-1-A (HNF1A) in the Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis.
keywords : Maturity-onset-diabetes-of-the-young, HNF1A,

UMR CNRS 8199 éQ. 01 - Head : FROGUEL PHILIPPE (philippe.froguel@good.ibl.fr)
50 - (réf. -GLB/2018102) thesis director : ABDERRAHMANI AMAR (amar.abderrahmani@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of Ephrin B3 and its signaling in pancreatic beta cell function and survival.
keywords : Diabetes- Obesity- Pancreatic beta cells- Signalling pathways- Antidiabetic

UMR8576 éQ. 01 - Head : GUERARDEL YANN (yann.guerardel@univ-lille1.fr)
51 - (réf. -GLB/2018064) thesis director : BIOT CHRISTOPHE (christophe.biot@univ-lille1.fr)

In vivo click chemistry applied to the sialic acids metabolism for the visualization of infectious mechanisms
keywords : Sialic acids, metal, fluorescence, probe, bioimaging, infectious diseases

UMR8576 éQ. 05 - Head : ALLAIN FABRICE (fabrice.allain@univ-lille1.fr)
52 - (réf. -GLB/2018051) thesis director : ALLAIN FABRICE (fabrice.allain@univ-lille1.fr)

Role of 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfates in the proliferation and survival of cancer cells
keywords : heparan sulfates, sulfotransferase, tumour immunity

UMR8576 éQ. 08 - Head : LEFEBVRE TONY (tony.lefebvre@univ-lille1.fr)
53 - (réf. -GLB/2018030) thesis director : LEFEBVRE TONY (tony.lefebvre@univ-lille1.fr)

Connecting metabolic dysregulations to colorectal cancer emergence: regulation of fatty acid synthase by O-GlcNAcylation during cell proliferation
keywords : O-GlcNAcylation, fatty acid synthase, cell proliferation, colorectal cancer, nutrition

UMR8576 éQ. 10 - Head : BALL STEVEN (steven.ball@univ-lille1.fr)
54 - (réf. -GLB/2018011) thesis director : BALL STEVEN (steven.ball@univ-lille1.fr)

Mechanistical study of storage polysaccharide crystallisation in Alveolata
keywords : starch, glycogen, debranching enzyme, Aveolata, Chromera velia

UMR8576 éQ. 11 - Head : WATTEBLED FABRICE (Fabrice.Wattebled@univ-lille1.fr)
55 - (réf. -GLB/2018101) thesis director : BOMPARD CORALIE (coralie.bompard@iri.univ-lille1.fr)

Structural study of the functionnal mechanism of two hetero-enzymatic complexes involved in starch biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
keywords : starch Integrative structural biology protein-protein interactions enzymes molecular dynamic

main line : Cardio., Vascular, Métabolism
EA4490 - Head : PENEL GUILLAUME (guillaume.penel@univ-lille2.fr)
56 - (réf. -CVM/2018062) thesis director : PASQUIER GILLES (gilles.pasquier@univ-lille2.fr;stephanie.lucas@univ-littoral.fr)

Impact of Bone Marrow Adipocytes on the extracellular matrix remodeling and osteoblastogenesis: towards a link between metabolic diseases and bone perturbations
keywords : Marrow adipocytes, osteoblast, mineralization, extracellular matrix, metabolic factor, aging, osteoporosis, bone fragility

EA7369 éQ. 01 - Head : BERTHOIN SERGE (serge.berthoin@univ-lille2.fr)
57 - (réf. -CVM/2018032) thesis director : HEYMAN ELSA / CAIAZZO ROBERT (elsa.heyman@univ-lille2.fr / robert.caiazzo@chru-lille.fr)

Physical activity, an innovative way to improve skeletal muscle adaptations to bariatric surgery and its metabolic consequences?
keywords : Bariatric surgery, Metabolism, Natural dietary supplement, Physical activity, Physical fitness, Skeletal muscle

58 - (réf. -CVM/2018089) thesis director : DEVANNE HERVE (herve.devanne@univ-littoral.fr)

Impact of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on energy cost, perceveid exertion, cerebral and muscle oxygenation, and on aerobic capacities of the obese child. Clinical implication.
keywords : Exercice, muscle, cerebral oxygenation, NIRS, perceived exertion, childhood obesity

INSERM U1008 - Head : SIEPMANN JUERGEN (juergen.siepmann@univ-lille2.fr)
59 - (réf. -CVM/2018082) thesis director : BLANCHEMAIN NICOLAS (nicolas.blanchemain@univ-lille2.fr)

Fenestrated endoprosthesis: from medical imaging to the design of the 3D implantable medical device
keywords : Polymer; Medical devices; 3D printing; Additive manufacturing; stents; mechanical testing, cytocompatibility

INSERM U1011 éQ. 01 - Head : STAELS BART (Bart.Staels@pasteur-lille.fr)
60 - (réf. -CVM/2018072) thesis director : PAUMELLE-LESTRELIN REJANE (rejane.lestrelin@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of FAT10 in hepatic lipid metabolism, senescence and development of NASH during aging
keywords : Metabolism, senescence, Liver disease, NAFLD/NASH. good exertise in lipid metabolism and/or senescence

61 - (réf. -CVM/2018077) thesis director : LANCEL STEVE (steve.lancel@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of Rev-erb-alpha in skeletal muscle glucose homeostasis
keywords : Rev-erb-alpha, skeletal muscle, glucose, metabolism, exercise

INSERM U1011 éQ. 04 - Head : LEFEBVRE PHILIPPE (philippe-claude.lefebvre@inserm.fr)
62 - (réf. -CVM/2018014) thesis director : EECKHOUTE JEROME (jerome.eeckhoute@inserm.fr)

FXR control of the liver cis-regulatory module activities during the fasting/feeding transition
keywords : Transcriptional regulation, liver, FXR, chromatin

63 - (réf. -CVM/2018055) thesis director : LEFEBVRE PHILIPPE (philippe-claude.lefebvre@inserm.fr)

Impact of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis on atherosclerosis development: implication of the nuclear receptor PPARα
keywords : Atherosclerosis, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, PPARa, murine model

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
64 - (réf. -CVM/2018071) thesis director : CHARTON JULIE (julie.charton@univ-lille2.fr)

Development of intestine-targeted TGR5 agonists by an innovative molecular strategy
keywords : medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, bile acids receptor TGR5, metabolism, inflammation

UMR CNRS 8199 éQ. 02 - Head : ANNICOTTE JEAN-SEBASTIEN (jean-sebastien.annicotte@inserm.fr)
65 - (réf. -CVM/2018073) thesis director : ANNICOTTE JEAN-SEBASTIEN (jean-sebastien.annicotte@inserm.fr)

Role of the transcription factor E2F1 in GLP-1-dependent pancreatic beta cell function and identification of molecular mechanisms
keywords : diabetes, insulin, E2F1, pancreas, transcription factor

main line : Cancer
EA4483 - Head : LO-GUIDICE JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.lo-guidice@univ-lille2.fr)
66 - (réf. -CAN/2018053) thesis director : POTTIER NICOLAS (nicolas.pottier-2@univ-lille2.fr)

Role and therapeutic potential of the polycistronic non-coding RNA miR-17-92 in lung cancer
keywords : ncRNA, therapeutics

INSERM U1003 - Head : PREVARSKAYA NATALIA (Natacha.Prevarskaya@univ-lille1.fr)
67 - (réf. -CAN/2018057) thesis director : LEMONNIER LOIC (loic.lemonnier@inserm.fr)

The Sigma 1 receptor, a new partner of calcium channels in prostate cancer
keywords : Calcium, cancer, prostate, S1R, ion channels

68 - (réf. -CAN/2018080) thesis director : GKIKA DIMITRA (dimitra.gkika@univ-lille1.fr)

TRP signature in Prostate Cancer: common candidates for simultaneous targeting of tumor invasion and vascularization
keywords : ion channel, cell migration, angiogenesis, prostate cancer

69 - (réf. -CAN/2018084) thesis director : PREVARSKAYA NATALIA (Natacha.Prevarskaya@univ-lille1.fr)

Role of calcium in senescence induced by the loss of PTEN during the initiation of prostate cancer
keywords : - Oncologie - Cancer de la prostate - Signalisation calcique - Canaux calciques - Sénescence

70 - (réf. -CAN/2018087) thesis director : SKRYMA ROMAN (Roman.Skryma@univ-lille1.fr)

Sodium channel, NALCN, a novel player in prostate cancer progression
keywords : cancer, prostate, ion channels, single channel recordings, sodium

INSERM U1008 - Head : SIEPMANN JUERGEN (juergen.siepmann@univ-lille2.fr)
71 - (réf. -CAN/2018092) thesis director : SIEPMANN JUERGEN (juergen.siepmann@univ-lille2.fr)

Understanding of the mechanisms of drug release from biodegradable microparticles: Interest for anticancer therapy
keywords : Microparticule, release mechanisms, release profile, PLGA, biodegradable polymers, anticancer therapies, subcutaneous injection, controlled release.

INSERM U1172 éQ. 04 - Head : QUESNEL BRUNO (brunoquesnel@hotmail.com)
72 - (réf. -CAN/2018027) thesis director : KLUZA JEROME (jerome.kluza@inserm.fr)

Targeting oxidative stress to eradicate persistence of myeloid leukemia cells exposed to FLT3 tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
keywords : Mitochondria, Glycolysis, ROS, Metabolomic, Leukemia, Stem cell, Kinase, Drug resistance

73 - (réf. -CAN/2018031) thesis director : DAVID-CORDONNIER MARIE-HELENE (marie-helene.david@inserm.fr)

Induction of differentiation in acute myeloid leukemia by inhibition of HOX proteins
keywords : Transcription Factor, Differentiation, Leukemia, Targeted Therapy, Inhibitors, DNA binding

74 - (réf. -CAN/2018054) thesis director : QUESNEL BRUNO (brunoquesnel@hotmail.com)

Tumor dormancy and calcium signaling: a potential new therapeutic approach
keywords : Tumor dormancy, cancer stem cells, calcium signaling,epigenetic

75 - (réf. -CAN/2018088) thesis director : ROCHE-LESTIENNE CATHERINE (Catherine.ROCHE@CHRU-LILLE.FR)

Targeting gene dependencies in MYC overexpressing Multiple Myeloma
keywords : Cancer, Hematology, Myeloma, MYC, Genomic dependency, Targeted therapy

INSERM U1172 éQ. 05 - Head : VAN SEUNINGEN ISABELLE (isabelle.vanseuningen@inserm.fr)
76 - (réf. -CAN/2018005) thesis director : NEVE BERNADETTE (bernadette.neve@inserm.fr)

Analyzing the role of long non-coding RNAs in colorectal cancer cell properties using a new CRISPR/Cas9 strategy.
keywords : Long non-coding RNA, colon cancer, CRISPR/Cas9 library

77 - (réf. -CAN/2018015) thesis director : JONCKHEERE NICOLAS (Nicolas.Jonckheere@inserm.fr)

Impact of Muc4 oncomucin in PanIN neoplastic lesions onset in pancreatic adenocarcinoma in preclinical mouse model KCMuc4KO
keywords : Muc4, pancreatic cancer, neoplasia, MALDI-MSI, Crispr/cas9

78 - (réf. -CAN/2018036) thesis director : VINCENT AUDREY (audrey.vincent@inserm.fr)

Epienzymes as new therapeutic targets for stemness deprogramming in colon cancer cells: influence of tumor heterogeneity.
keywords : colon cancer, epigenetics, cancer stem cells, epidrug

79 - (réf. -CAN/2018091) thesis director : PERRAIS MICHAEL / CAUFFIEZ CHRISTELLE (michael.perrais@inserm.fr / christelle.cauffiez@univ-lille2.fr)

Dual role of X receptor antagonists in lung cancer cisplatin treatment: anti-tumoral and renoprotective properties
keywords : lung cancer, cisplatin, chen-resistance

INSERM U1172 éQ. 06 - Head : MELNYK PATRICIA (patricia.melnyk@univ-lille2.fr)
80 - (réf. -CAN/2018060) thesis director : LEBEGUE NICOLAS (nicolas.lebegue@univ-lille2.fr)

Structural resolution and therapeutic targeting of the oncogenic MUC4-ErbB2 complex in the pancreatic cancer treatment
keywords : Protein-protein interaction, cancer, MUC4, ErbB2

INSERM U1189 - Head : MORDON SERGE (serge.mordon@inserm.fr)
81 - (réf. -CAN/2018022) thesis director : VERMANDEL MAXIMILIEN (m-vermandel@chru-lille.fr)

Design of a light emitting device for the optimization of the intraoperative photodynamic therapy delivery in the treatment of high-grade gliomas
keywords : Phodynamic therapies, Laser Therapy, Physics, Neurosurgery, Glioblastoma

INSERM U908 - Head : LE BOURHIS XUEFEN (xuefen.lebourhis@univ-lille1.fr)
82 - (réf. -CAN/2018019) thesis director : LE BOURHIS XUEFEN (xuefen.lebourhis@univ-lille1.fr)

Triple Negative Breast Cancer : mechanisms of recurrence following chemotherapeutic treatment
keywords : Breast cancer, chemotherapy, recurrence, EMT, CSC

83 - (réf. -CAN/2018047) thesis director : TOILLON ROBERT-ALAIN (Robert.Toillon@univ-lille1.fr)

Characterization of TrkA/CD44 complex interaction with signaling partners
keywords : breast cancer, signaling, targeted therapies

84 - (réf. -CAN/2018061) thesis director : LAGADEC CHANN (chann.lagadec@inserm.fr)

Identification of epigenetic mechanisms regulating radiation-induced reprogramming of non-CSCs into CSCs
keywords : cancer stem cells, reprogramming, radiotherapy, epigenetic

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 01 - Head : ABBADIE CORINNE (corinne.abbadie@ibl.cnrs.fr)
85 - (réf. -CAN/2018040) thesis director : PLUQUET OLIVIER (OLIVIER.PLUQUET@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Role of the adaptive UPR (Unfolded Protein Response) response in the secretory phenotype of senescent cells: impact on carcinogenesis
keywords : senescence, UPR; Normal fibroblast; Aging; SASP; signalling; Cancer

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 03 - Head : SONCIN FABRICE (fabrice.soncin@ibl.cnrs.fr)
86 - (réf. -CAN/2018108) thesis director : SONCIN FABRICE (fabrice.soncin@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Real-time multi-parameter monitoring of circulating immune cell physical characteristics
keywords : The PhD will be conducted in Lille hospital-University campus in the SMMiL-E collaboration with the University of Tokyo. The biological expertise is provided by the CNRS team of F. Soncin on immunity and cancer cell interactions, the expertise in MEMS/nanotwizzers by the team of C Tarhan. Due to the international teams hosting this PhD, all communications will be done in English. PhD applicant skill: Microsystems, electrical engineering, experiment, cell biology

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 05 - Head : TULASNE DAVID (david.tulasne@ibl.cnrs.fr)
87 - (réf. -CAN/2018021) thesis director : LEJEUNE FABRICE (fabrice.lejeune@inserm.fr)

Targeted therapy of nonsense mutations by a new family of molecules
keywords : nonsense mutations, translation, RNA decay, cell culture, mouse models, genetic diseases, cancer, therapeutic approaches

UMR8576 éQ. 14 - Head : BODART JEAN-FRANCOIS (Jean-Francois.bodart@univ-lille1.fr)
88 - (réf. -CAN/2018049) thesis director : BODART JEAN-FRANCOIS (Jean-Francois.bodart@univ-lille1.fr)

Interplay between MAPK and OGT/OGA pathway in breast, uterine and colorectal cell lines: cell-by-cell quantitative approaches.
keywords : Cell culture, transfection, plasmids amplification, video-microscopy, western blot, dynamic ratiometric FRET measurements, biosensor data analysis and interdisciplinary work.

main line : Other main lines
EA2694 - Head : DUHAMEL ALAIN (alain.duhamel@univ-lille2.fr)
89 - (réf. -AUT/2018043) thesis director : ZGAYA HAYFA (hayfa.zgaya-biau@univ-lille.fr)

Decision support system for the optimisation of the patient care in the emergency department.
keywords : collaborative optimisation, peaks of activity, performance indicators, overcrowding, healthcare logistics, care pathway modeling, multi-agent systems, workflow.

90 - (réf. -AUT/2018098) thesis director : GUINHOUYA BENJAMIN / GUSEVA CANU IRINA (benjamin.guinhouya@univ-lille2.fr / irina.guseva-canu@chuv.ch )

Investigation of the relationship between particle exposure in underground railway enclosures (EFS) and the respiratory health of workers
keywords : Respiratory diseases -Particulate matter-Transport-Occupational medicine-Inflammation- Oxydative stress

EA4483 - Head : LO-GUIDICE JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.lo-guidice@univ-lille2.fr)
91 - (réf. -AUT/2018076) thesis director : CUNY DAMIEN (damien.cuny@univ-lille2.fr)

Contribution of environmental determinants in the territorialisation of health inequalities
keywords : Aggregated composite indices, spatial health issues, environmental vulnerability, environmental resilience, environmental health

INSERM U1172 éQ. 06 - Head : MELNYK PATRICIA (patricia.melnyk@univ-lille2.fr)
92 - (réf. -AUT/2018065) thesis director : COTELLE PHILIPPE (Philippe.Cotelle@univ-lille1.fr)

Design and synthesis of YAP(TAZ)-TEAD modulators
keywords : Hippo pathway, Transcriptional factor TEAD, cancer, neural stem cells

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
93 - (réf. -AUT/2018044) thesis director : WILLAND NICOLAS (nicolas.willand@univ-lille2.fr)

"Rational design, synthesis and biological evaluation of molecules outsmarting antibiotic resistance. A new approach in the treatment of tuberculosis. "
keywords : medicinal chemistry, rational drug-design, antimicrobialresistance, tuberculosis

INSERM U995 éQ. 06 - Head : BOULANGER ERIC (eric.boulanger@univ-lille2.fr)
94 - (réf. -AUT/2018104) thesis director : FRADIN CHANTAL (chantal.fradin@univ-lille2.fr)

Use of Caenorhabditis elegans to study mechanisms involved in dietary and endogenous glycation-induced kidney ageing.
keywords : deleterious physiologic renal - Advanced Glycation End-products -CML

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 09 - Head : LAFONT FRANK (Frank.Lafont@pasteur-lille.fr)
95 - (réf. -AUT/2018069) thesis director : DUPRES VINCENT (vincent.dupres@ibl.fr)

High Resolution Dynamics of Autophagosome-Like Membranes: Implications in ageing
keywords : Biophysics, molecular interactions, lipid membrane, membrane remodeling, autophagy, high-resolution, membrane dynamics, atomic force microscopy, membrane mechanics, autophagosome

UMR8576 éQ. 02 - Head : LANDRIEU ISABELLE (isabelle.landrieu@univ-lille1.fr)
96 - (réf. -AUT/2018016) thesis director : SMET-NOCCA CAROLINE (caroline.smet@univ-lille1.fr)

Regulation of phosphorylation and aggregation of the neuronal protein Tau by O-β-N-acetylglucosaminylation and acetylation
keywords : Alzheimer's disease, Tau protein, posttranslational modifications, phosphorylation, protein aggregation, Paired-Helical Filaments (PHFs), recombinant proteins, NMR spectroscopy, biophysics

UMR8576 éQ. 15 - Head : LENSINK MARC (marc.lensink@univ-lille1.fr)
97 - (réf. -AUT/2018096) thesis director : LENSINK MARC (marc.lensink@univ-lille1.fr)

Development of protein-peptide modeling and validation criteria
keywords : protein-peptide docking, structural bioinformatics, CAPRI, molecular modeling, glycosyltransferase, beta-catenin, glycosylation, OGT