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Financements-Research Grants - available subjects (2017-2018)

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Choice/Selection of subjects, ordered by research main line :

main line : Neurosciences
EA2465 - Head : GOSSELET FABIEN (fabien.gosselet@univ-artois.fr)
1 - (réf. -NEU/2017022) thesis director : TILLOY-FENART LAURENCE (laurence.tilloy@univ-artois.fr)

Molecular Mechanisms of Peripheral Clearance of Amyloid Beta Peptides
keywords : Alzhemer's disease, blood-brain barrier, amyloid peptides, clearance

EA7369 éQ. 01 - Head : BERTHOIN SERGE (serge.berthoin@univ-lille2.fr)
2 - (réf. -NEU/2017085) thesis director : DEVANNE HERVE (herve.devanne@univ-littoral.fr)

Influence of physical exercise on cortical plasticity induced by non-invasive brain stimulation in human
keywords : Motor control, sensorimotor integration, cerebral plasticity, exercise

INSERM U1171 - Head : BORDET REGIS (regis.bordet@univ-lille2.fr)
3 - (réf. -NEU/2017027) thesis director : DUJARDIN KATHY (kathy.dujardin@univ-lille2.fr)

Enhancement of cognitive abilities in elderly subjects with cognitive complaint by the association of methylphenidate and cognitive training: proof of concept in a double blind versus placebo study
keywords : Neuroscience – neuropsychopharmacology – functional connectivity – MRI – EEG

INSERM U1172 éQ. 01 - Head : BUEE LUC (luc.buee@univ-lille2.fr)
4 - (réf. -NEU/2017001) thesis director : HAMDANE MALIKA (malika.hamdane@inserm.fr)

The role of new truncated Tau protein species in Alzheimer's disease
keywords : Alzheimer's disease, post-translational modifications and Tau aggregation, neuronal dysfunction, mouse models

INSERM U1172 éQ. 02 - Head : PREVOT VINCENT (vincent.prevot@inserm.fr)
5 - (réf. -NEU/2017028) thesis director : SHARIF ARIANE (ariane.sharif@inserm.fr)

Cell neogenesis in the hypothalamus and maternal adaptations in pregnancy
keywords : neogenesis, stem cells, hypothalamus, pregnancy, maternal behaviour

6 - (réf. -NEU/2017037) thesis director : DEHOUCK BENEDICTE (benedicte.dehouck@inserm.fr)

Gonadal hormones, energy metabolism and obesity: Involvement of estrogens in the regulation of access of metabolic signals to the hypothalamus
keywords : Obesity, energy homeostasis, hypothalamus, blood-brain interface, tanycytes, fenestrated vessels, circumventricular organs

INSERM U1172 éQ. 03 - Head : CHARTIER-HARLIN MARIE-CHRISTINE (marie-christine.chartier-harlin@inserm.f)
7 - (réf. -NEU/2017091) thesis director : TAYMANS JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.taymans@univ-lille2.fr)

Modelling the signaling pathway of the parkinsonian protein LRRK2
keywords : Parkinson's disease Kinase CRISPR-CAS Viral vector

8 - (réf. -NEU/2017092) thesis director : CHARTIER-HARLIN MARIE-CHRISTINE (marie-christine.chartier-harlin@inserm.fr)

Contribution of transcriptome anomalies to the study of the deregulated pathways in Parkinson's disease and relative disorders
keywords : RNA, splicing, translation, molecular pathways, Parkinson , Alzheimer

INSERM U1172 éQ. 06 - Head : MELNYK PATRICIA (patricia.melnyk@univ-lille2.fr)
9 - (réf. -NEU/2017081) thesis director : YOUS SAID (said.yous@univ-lille2.fr)

Design, synthesis and evaluation of A2A receptor antagonists for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
keywords : A2a receptor, neuroprotection, medicinal chemistry, drug optimisation, Neurodegenerative disease, molecular modelling

INSERM U1192 - Head : SALZET MICHEL (michel.salzet@univ-lille1.fr)
10 - (réf. -NEU/2017038) thesis director : ASSAKER RICHARD (richard.assaker@chru-lille.fr)

NEUROBRIDGE: Treatment of spinal cord injury using intelligent biomaterials
keywords : Alginate, Biomaterial, spinal cord injury,rat, dog, CD16, Human Mesenchymal Stem cells, RhoA inhibtor

UMR-CNRS 9193 éQ. 01 - Head : BOUCART MURIEL (boucart.muriel@bbox.fr)
11 - (réf. -NEU/2017039) thesis director : BOUCART MURIEL (boucart.muriel@bbox.fr)

Impact of the visual impairment on spatial cognition: How digital tools can help patients with central and/or peripheral loss of vision?
keywords : vision, cognition, neuroscience, computer vision, glaucoma, Age-related macular disease.

12 - (réf. -NEU/2017070) thesis director : BONNET CEDRICK (cedrick.bonnet@chru-lille.fr)

Role of the central nervous system to adjust postural control in order to succeed in visual performance: efficiency and deficiency
keywords : Postural coordination, postural control mechanisms, postural sway, visual performance, oculomotor behavior, visual tasks, functional synergy, age-related deficiencies, Parkinson's disease

UMR8576 éQ. 06 - Head : MACCARI STEFANIA (Stefania.Maccari@univ-lille1.fr)
13 - (réf. -NEU/2017035) thesis director : MORLEY-FLETCHER SARA (sara.morley-fletcher@univ-lille1.fr)

Role of the oxyotcinergic system in the vulnerability to addiciotn induced by early life stress : proteomic and transcriptomic approaches
keywords : early life stress; addiction ; oxytocine; proteomics; transcriptomics; animal models

main line : Infection, Inflammation, Immunology, Microbiology
EA2694 - Head : DUHAMEL ALAIN (alain.duhamel@univ-lille2.fr)
14 - (réf. -3IM/2017076) thesis director : SUBTIL DAMIEN / DESSEIN RODRIGUE (Damien.SUBTIL@CHRU-LILLE.FR / rodrigue.dessein@chru-lille.fr)

Study of the prematurity risk according to the the vaginal bacterial flora balance
keywords : bacterial vaginosis, prematurity, molecular methods, epidemiology, relative risk

EA7365 éQ. 01 - Head : DECAUDIN BERTRAND (bertrand.decaudin@univ-lille2.fr)
15 - (réf. -3IM/2017026) thesis director : DECAUDIN BERTRAND (bertrand.decaudin@univ-lille2.fr)

Risk assessment of drug incompatibilities during simultaneous infusion of injectable drugs in neonatal intensive care units to establish thresholds for particulate contamination.
keywords : Drug Incompatibility, Drug Infusion Systems, Particle Size, Models, Animal, Models, Animal

INSERM U1011 éQ. 03 - Head : DOMBROWICZ DAVID (david.dombrowicz@pasteur-lille.fr)
16 - (réf. -3IM/2017082) thesis director : STAUMONT-SALLE DELPHINE (delphine.salle@chru-lille.fr)

CX3CR1 and CX3CL1 in allergic diseases
keywords : Allery, Asthma, Atopic dermatitis, Fractalkine, CX3CR1, T lymphocytes, Th2, Animal models, Chemokines, Receptors

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
17 - (réf. -3IM/2017031) thesis director : FLIPO MARION (marion.flipo-2@univ-lille2.fr)

Development of MabA inhibitors as a new strategy to treat tuberculosis
keywords : enzyme, inhibitor, MabA, tuberculosis, medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, structure-activity relationships

INSERM U995 éQ. 01 - Head : DUBUQUOY LAURENT (laurent.dubuquoy@inserm.fr)
18 - (réf. -3IM/2017020) thesis director : FOLIGNE BENOIT (benoit.foligne@univ-lille2.fr)

Contribution of food and intestinal commensal microorganisms to the bioavailability of metals: characterizations, involved mechanisms and therapeutic strategies.
keywords : Food ecosystems- Heavy metals - Bioremediation - Gut microbiota - Intestinal homeostasis - Probiotics - Xenobiotics -

19 - (réf. -3IM/2017023) thesis director : MERESSE BERTRAND (bertrand.meresse@inserm.fr)

Roles and developments of pathogenic memory T cells in the pathogenesis of chronic dysimmune intestinal pathologies
keywords : Memory T cells, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis

20 - (réf. -3IM/2017073) thesis director : DESREUMAUX PIERRE (pdesreumaux@hotmail.com)

EVICTION : dEoxyniValenol as risk factor for Inflammatory bowel diseases: human detoxifiCaTion and Impact On intestiNal microbiota and homeostasis.
keywords : mycotoxine Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) Deoxynivalenol microbiota detoxification

INSERM U995 éQ. 02 - Head : SENDID BOUALEM (boualem.sendid@univ-lille2.fr)
21 - (réf. -3IM/2017034) thesis director : JAWHARA SAMIR (samir.jawhara-3@univ-lille2.fr)

Role of the fungal oligosaccharides in Candida albicans escape from the host defense
keywords : Platelets, Fungal oligosaccharides, Candida albicans, aggregation, colitis model.

INSERM U995 éQ. 04 - Head : GOTTRAND FREDERIC (frederic.gottrand@chru-lille.fr)
22 - (réf. -3IM/2017048) thesis director : GOUYER VALERIE (valerie.gouyer@inserm.fr)

MUC5B and susceptibility in lung fibrosis
keywords : Lung fibrosis, MUC5B, transgenic mouse

23 - (réf. -3IM/2017090) thesis director : SEGUY DAVID (david.seguy@univ-lille2.fr)

Intestinal strengthening in acute graft versus host disease - INSIGHT-
keywords : Bone marrow transplantation -ation Graft versus host disease - Mucus - Chemotherapy - Intestinale barrier- Intestinale translocation - Trangenic mice

INSERM U995 éQ. 05 - Head : GOWER-ROUSSEAU CORINNE (corinne.gower@gmail.com)
24 - (réf. -3IM/2017016) thesis director : GOWER-ROUSSEAU CORINNE (corinne.gower@gmail.com)

Understanding and preventing the effects of exposure to airborne particles on intestinal homeostasis.
keywords : Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Environmental risk factors. air pollution. Gut homeostasis.

INSERM U995 éQ. 06 - Head : BOULANGER ERIC (eric.boulanger@univ-lille2.fr)
25 - (réf. -3IM/2017077) thesis director : FAVORY RAPHAEL (raphael.favory@chru-lille.fr)

Mitochondrial DNA and RAGE interaction: role in septic endothelial dysfunction and post-septic accelerated arterial aging.
keywords : RAGE, mitochondrial DNA, Endothelial dysfunction, Arterial aging, DAMPS, Sepsis.

INSERM U995 éQ. 07 - Head : CHAVATTE PHILIPPE (philippe.chavatte@univ-lille2.fr)
26 - (réf. -3IM/2017032) thesis director : FARCE AMAURY (amaury.farce-2@univ-lille2.fr)

In silico analysis of anti inflammatory mechanisms of shP28GST
keywords : inflammation intestinal helminth GST mechanism glutathion in silico

27 - (réf. -3IM/2017050) thesis director : BETBEDER DIDIER (betbederdidier985@gmail.com)

Development of an innovative vaccine against inflammatory bowel disease based on naoparticles
keywords : Vaccine, Nanoparticles, Crohn's disease, therapeutic innovation

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 01 - Head : TOMAVO STANISLAS (Stan.Tomavo@pasteur-lille.fr )
28 - (réf. -3IM/2017006) thesis director : GISSOT MATHIEU (mathieu.gissot@pasteur-lille.fr)

Deciphering molecular actors of virulence gene expression in Toxoplasma gondii.
keywords : Parasite, virulence, gene expression, transcription factors, Toxoplasma, apicomplexa

29 - (réf. -3IM/2017072) thesis director : MARION SABRINA (sabrina.marion@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of the Rab11A-dependent secretome in Toxoplasma gondii virulence
keywords : Toxoplasma, virulence factors, secretory pathway, host responses

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 02 - Head : KHALIFE JAMAL (Jamal.Khalife@pasteur-lille.fr)
30 - (réf. -3IM/2017055) thesis director : KHALIFE JAMAL (Jamal.Khalife@pasteur-lille.fr)

Caractérisation moléculaire et fonctionnelle de la PfWDR82 chez P. falciparum : relation avec la PP1
keywords : Plasmodium, PP1, régulateurs, biologie moléculaire, biologie cellulaire, génétique inverse, phosphatases

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 03 - Head : VISCOGLIOSI ERIC (eric.viscogliosi@pasteur-lille.fr)
31 - (réf. -3IM/2017017) thesis director : VISCOGLIOSI ERIC (eric.viscogliosi@pasteur-lille.fr)

Life cycle and antioxidant enzymatic machinery of the enteric parasitic protozoa Blastocystis
keywords : Blastocystis; Enteric protozoan parasite; Life cycle; Encystment / excystation; Antioxidant enzymes; In silico analysis; Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Functional genetics

32 - (réf. -3IM/2017080) thesis director : CERTAD GABRIELA (gabriela.certad@pasteur-lille.fr)

Identification of the molecular signature of Cryptosporidium parvum-induced digestive cancer in in vivo and in vitro models
keywords : Cryptosporidium, infection, cancer and infection, colorectal cancer, SCID mice, 3D culture, in vivo, cell signaling pathways, parasitology.

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 04 - Head : PIED SYLVIANE (sylviane.pied@pasteur-lille.fr)
33 - (réf. -3IM/2017019) thesis director : PIED SYLVIANE (sylviane.pied@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of astrocytes in immunopathology of cerebral malaria
keywords : neuropaludisme, astrocyte, inflammation, immunopathologie, plasmodium

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 05 - Head : DUBUISSON JEAN (jean.dubuisson@ibl.cnrs.fr)
34 - (réf. -3IM/2017024) thesis director : SERON KARIN (karin.seron@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Identification and mechanism of action of new natural antiviral agents against coronaviruses
keywords : coronavirus, antiviral agents, natural compounds

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 06 - Head : SEBBANE FLORENT (florent.sebbane@ibl.fr)
35 - (réf. -3IM/2017025) thesis director : SEBBANE FLORENT (florent.sebbane@ibl.fr)

Towards a better understanding of flea-borne plague.
keywords : Infectious diseases, Plague, Yersinia pestis, Medical entomology, molecular biology, bacterial physiology

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 10 - Head : GRANGETTE CORINNE (corinne.grangette@ibl.fr)
36 - (réf. -3IM/2017044) thesis director : GRANGETTE CORINNE (corinne.grangette@ibl.fr)

The intestinal microbiota: a new therapeutic target for chronic pathologies
keywords : microbiota, chronic diseases, probiotics

37 - (réf. -3IM/2017049) thesis director : DANIEL CATHERINE (catherine.daniel@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Preclinical evaluation of the potential of metallothionein to treat chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
keywords : Intestinal inflammation, Recombinant microorganisms, Therapeutic Proteins, Small animal Imaging, Intravital microscopy imaging, Lactococcus lactis, Yarrowia lipolytica, Metallothionein, Digestive tract, experimental animal models

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 12 - Head : TROTTEIN FRANCOIS (francois.trottein@pasteur-lille.fr)
38 - (réf. -3IM/2017051) thesis director : GOSSET PHILIPPE (philippe.gosset@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of IL-20 cytokines during viral exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (RhinoCOPD)
keywords : Virus infection, secondary infections, immunology, cytokine, inflammation, lung, therapeutic approach

39 - (réf. -3IM/2017059) thesis director : WOLOWCZUK ISABELLE (Isabelle.Wolowczuk@pasteur-lille.fr)

Influenza A virus and lipid metabolism: impact on infection outcomes
keywords : Obesity, respiratory infection, influenza virus, pneumonia, innate immunity, adipose tissue, lungs, lipid metabolism.

UMR8204-U1019 éQ. 13 - Head : TSICOPOULOS ANNE (anne.tsicopoulos@pasteur-lille.fr)
40 - (réf. -3IM/2017030) thesis director : SCHERPEREEL ARNAUD (arnaud.scherpereel@chru-lille.fr)

Impact of polluted carbon nanoparticles on the inflammatory response and bronchial remodeling in severe allergic asthma
keywords : severe asthma, Nanoparticulate pollution, bronchial remodelling, IL-22, Aryl hydrocarbon receptor

UMR8576 éQ. 04 - Head : LACROIX JEAN-MARIE (jean-marie.lacroix@univ-lille1.fr)
41 - (réf. -3IM/2017013) thesis director : LACROIX JEAN-MARIE (jean-marie.lacroix@univ-lille1.fr)

Phosphorelays activation of the phytopathogenic bacteria Dickeya dadantii during the infection steps of infection in the plant host
keywords : phosphorelays, phytopathogenic bacteria, infection, environmental stress response, Dickeya

main line : Glycobiology
UMR8576 éQ. 07 - Head : NAGNAN-LE MEILLOUR PATRICIA (patricia.Le-Meillour@univ-lille1.fr)
42 - (réf. -GLB/2017062) thesis director : NAGNAN-LE MEILLOUR PATRICIA (patricia.Le-Meillour@univ-lille1.fr)

Role of glycosylation in the detection of social odours and pheromones
keywords : O-GlcNAc, EOGT, Odorant-Binding Protein, olfactory secretome

UMR8576 éQ. 09 - Head : FOULQUIER FRANCOIS (francois.foulquier@univ-lille1.fr)
43 - (réf. -GLB/2017008) thesis director : KRZEWINSKI-RECCHI MARIE-ANGE (marie-ange.recchi@univ-lille1.fr)

Cellular and molecular characterization of the link between the two Golgi Mn2+/Ca2+ transporters: SPCA1 and TMEM165 and their implication in glycosylation processes in Hailey-Hailey (HDD) and Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation diseases (CDG).
keywords : Health, Diseases, Glycosylation, Golgi, Mn2+/Ca2+ Homeostasis

44 - (réf. -GLB/2017065) thesis director : FOULQUIER FRANCOIS (francois.foulquier@univ-lille1.fr)

TMEM165, a new key player in regulating ER/ Golgi Mn2+ homeostasis and glycosylation process
keywords : TMEM165, glycosylation diseases, Golgi, Mn2+, Glycosylation

UMR8576 éQ. 11 - Head : WATTEBLED FABRICE (Fabrice.Wattebled@univ-lille1.fr)
45 - (réf. -GLB/2017021) thesis director : BOMPARD CORALIE (coralie.bompard@iri.univ-lille1.fr)

Structural study of the functionnal mechanism of heteroenzymatic complexes involving starch synthase II (SSII) in STARCH biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
keywords : starch Integrative structural biology protein-protein interactions enzymes molecular dynamic

main line : Cardio., Vascular, Métabolism
INSERM U1011 éQ. 01 - Head : STAELS BART (Bart.Staels@pasteur-lille.fr)
46 - (réf. -CVM/2017040) thesis director : LESTAVEL SOPHIE (sophie.lestavel@univ-lille2.fr)

The nuclear receptor FXR in the endocrine intestine : its role in the control of energy homeostasis
keywords : obesity ; diabetes ; energy homeostasis ; intestine ; nuclear receptors ; FXR

47 - (réf. -CVM/2017052) thesis director : PAUMELLE-LESTRELIN REJANE (rejane.lestrelin@univ-lille2.fr)

Impact of cellular senescence induced by p16INK4a on lipid metabolism in hepatocytes and NASH development during aging
keywords : Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, NAFLD, NASH, senescence, aging, p16INK4a, hepatic metabolism

48 - (réf. -CVM/2017056) thesis director : STAELS BART (Bart.Staels@pasteur-lille.fr)

The role of ApoF in the development of NAFLD
keywords : obesity, liver, lipid metabolism, insulin resistance, pathophysiology of NAFLD

49 - (réf. -CVM/2017067) thesis director : BRIAND OLIVIER (olivier.briand@univ-lille2.fr)

The nuclear receptor Rev-Erbα in the gut: a molecular gear in the control of chylomicron production and a therapeutic target to manage postprandial dyslipemia?
keywords : Nuclear Receptors, Intestine, Lipid metabolism, lipoproteins,type 2 diabetes, organoids

50 - (réf. -CVM/2017071) thesis director : DUEZ HELENE (Helene.Duez@pasteur-lille.fr)

Role of the nuclear receptors Rev-erb-α/ Rev-erb-β in skeletal muscle regeneratio,
keywords : skeletal muscle, nuclear receptor, Rev-erbα/β, muscle regeneration, metabolism

INSERM U1167 éQ. 02 - Head : PINET FLORENCE (florence.pinet@pasteur-lille.fr)
51 - (réf. -CVM/2017018) thesis director : PINET FLORENCE (florence.pinet@pasteur-lille.fr)

Post-traductional modifications of superoxyde dismutase 2 in heart failure
keywords : heart failure; post-translational modifications ; cardiomyocytes; oxidative stress : mitochondrial respiration

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
52 - (réf. -CVM/2017054) thesis director : DEPREZ-POULAIN REBECCA / LANCEL STEVE (rebecca.deprez@univ-lille2.fr / steve.lancel@univ-lille2.fr)

Impact of IDE modulation on Unfolded Protein Response in muscle and liver
keywords : ER,insuline resistance, muscle, foie

INSERM U995 éQ. 04 - Head : GOTTRAND FREDERIC (frederic.gottrand@chru-lille.fr)
53 - (réf. -CVM/2017046) thesis director : BEGHIN LAURENT (laurent.beghin@chru-lille.fr)

Identification of adolescent lifestyle risk factors influencing cardio vascular disease in young adulthood: BELINDA Study (Better Life and Nutrition During Adulthood)
keywords : Cardiovascular disease, diet-gut microbiota relation, tracking from adolescence to adulthood, lifestyle factors.

UMR CNRS 8199 éQ. 02 - Head : ANNICOTTE JEAN-SEBASTIEN (jean-sebastien.annicotte@inserm.fr)
54 - (réf. -CVM/2017045) thesis director : ANNICOTTE JEAN-SEBASTIEN (jean-sebastien.annicotte@inserm.fr)

Deciphering the crosstalk between the transcription factor E2F1 and GLP-1in the control of pancreatic beta cell function
keywords : pancreatic beta cell, insulin, transcription factor, GLP-1, E2F1

main line : Cancer
EA4483 - Head : LO-GUIDICE JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.lo-guidice@univ-lille2.fr)
55 - (réf. -CAN/2017043) thesis director : LO-GUIDICE JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.lo-guidice@univ-lille2.fr)

Respiratory impact of long-term exposure to electronic cigarettes
keywords : e-cig, mouse model, lung function, inflammation, oxidative stress, tissue remodeling, miRNA, lung cancer

INSERM U1003 - Head : PREVARSKAYA NATALIA (Natacha.Prevarskaya@univ-lille1.fr)
56 - (réf. -CAN/2017041) thesis director : LEHEN'KYI V'YACHESLAV (Vyacheslav.Lehenkyi@univ-lille1.fr)

keywords : Cancer, calcium, TRPV6 channel, prostate metastasis, monoclonal antibody

57 - (réf. -CAN/2017060) thesis director : SKRYMA ROMAN (Roman.Skryma@univ-lille1.fr)

Characterization of the functional properties of NALCN, a newly identified ion channel involved in the regulation of cancer cell migration.
keywords : prostate cancer, migration, invasion, patch clamp, intracellular ion channels

58 - (réf. -CAN/2017088) thesis director : GKIKA DIMITRA (dimitra.gkika@univ-lille1.fr)

TRP channels, as a double molecular target of cell migration during vascularization and tumor progression in prostate cancer
keywords : Ion channels, prostate cancer, cell migration, angiogenesis

INSERM U1172 éQ. 04 - Head : QUESNEL BRUNO (brunoquesnel@hotmail.com)
59 - (réf. -CAN/2017063) thesis director : DAVID-CORDONNIER MARIE-HELENE (marie-helene.david@inserm.fr)

Induction of differentiation in acute myeloid leukemia by inhibition of HOX proteins
keywords : Leukemia, differenciation, transcription factor, targeted therapies

60 - (réf. -CAN/2017068) thesis director : KLUZA JEROME (jerome.kluza@inserm.fr)

Mitochondrial targeting of persistent myeloid leukemia cells after exposure to targeted therapies.
keywords : mitochondria, metabolism, cancer, resistance, glucose, leukemia, dormancy, targeted therapy, seahorse

61 - (réf. -CAN/2017084) thesis director : IDZIOREK THIERRY / COLLARD DOMINIQUE (thierry.idziorek@inserm.fr / collard@iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp)

Microsystem to analyze and isolate small population of Leukemia cells with physical phenotype
keywords : MEMS technology, cell biomechanics, Leukemia, biophysical phenotyping and cytometry

INSERM U1172 éQ. 05 - Head : VAN SEUNINGEN ISABELLE (isabelle.vanseuningen@inserm.fr)
62 - (réf. -CAN/2017009) thesis director : JONCKHEERE NICOLAS (Nicolas.Jonckheere@inserm.fr)

Roles of the MUC4-miRNA regulation loop in pancreatic carcinogenesis and chemoresistance
keywords : MUC4, miRNA, pancreatic cancer, chemoresistance

INSERM U1177 - Head : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)
63 - (réf. -CAN/2017057) thesis director : DEPREZ BENOIT (benoit.deprez@univ-lille2.fr)

Pharmacological characterization of the pathway connecting a new target to the UPR and cell death
keywords : myeloma drug discovery apoptosis pharmacology

INSERM U1189 - Head : MORDON SERGE (serge.mordon@inserm.fr)
64 - (réf. -CAN/2017005) thesis director : VERMANDEL MAXIMILIEN (m-vermandel@chru-lille.fr)

Design of a light emitting fabric for the optimization of the intraoperative photodynamic therapy delivery in the treatment of high-grade gliomas
keywords : Neurosurgery, Glioblastoma, Photodynamic Therapy, LASER Therapy, Light emitting fabric

65 - (réf. -CAN/2017078) thesis director : HUGLO DAMIEN (damien.huglo@univ-lille2.fr)

PET-FDOPA study on a preclinical model in the context of Photodynamic therapy of high-grade gliomas
keywords : Glioblastoma, PET FDOPA, Preclinical, Photodynamic Therapy, 5-Aminolevulinic Acid

INSERM U1192 - Head : SALZET MICHEL (michel.salzet@univ-lille1.fr)
66 - (réf. -CAN/2017015) thesis director : SALZET MICHEL (michel.salzet@univ-lille1.fr)

Reactivation of dormant macrophages within tumors via inhibition of PC1 / 3 proprotein convertase coupled with the use of TLR receptor ligands (MACBETH).
keywords : Macrophages, proprotein convertase PC1/3, TLR, 3D cell culture, cancer, glioma, Dog, tumoral explant

67 - (réf. -CAN/2017036) thesis director : FOURNIER ISABELLE (isabelle.fournier@univ-lille1.fr)

Development of a Real-Time Analysis System for the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds as a Novel Tool for the Early Detection of Cancer
keywords : Mass Spectrometry, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Diagnostic markers, Cancer, Health Technologies

68 - (réf. -CAN/2017047) thesis director : LEFEBVRE CHRISTOPHE (christophe.lefebvre@univ-lille1.fr)

Gliosome: from intra-tumor heterogeneity to liquid biospy extracellular vesicles hunting for personalized medecine
keywords : Extracellular Vesicles, Glioma, Proteomic, Maldi Imaging, Blood, LCR, biospies,Neurooncoimmunologie, microglia cells, Stem cell glioma

INSERM U908 - Head : LE BOURHIS XUEFEN (xuefen.lebourhis@univ-lille1.fr)
69 - (réf. -CAN/2017029) thesis director : LAGADEC CHANN (chann.lagadec@inserm.fr)

Study of H3.3K27M mutation impact on diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas resistance to treatment.
keywords : Cancer, Pediatric glioma, DIPG, H3.3K27M, Resistance to treatment

70 - (réf. -CAN/2017042) thesis director : ANGRAND PIERRE-OLIVIER (pierre-olivier.angrand@univ-lille1.fr)

The zebrafish model to study Polycomb repression in cancer research
keywords : Zebrafish, Epigenetics, TALEN, Development, Cancer

71 - (réf. -CAN/2017058) thesis director : ADRIAENSSENS ERIC (Eric.Adriaenssens@univ-lille1.fr)

Role of LncRNA H19 in epigenetic modifications leading to breast tumorigenesis
keywords : H19, LncRNA, Epigenetic, Breast cancer

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 01 - Head : ABBADIE CORINNE (corinne.abbadie@ibl.cnrs.fr)
72 - (réf. -CAN/2017004) thesis director : ABBADIE CORINNE (corinne.abbadie@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in secondary sarcomas occurring in irradiated fields
keywords : radiotherapy, senescence, DNA damage, oxidative stress, cancer

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 02 - Head : LEPRINCE DOMINIQUE (dominique.leprince@ibl.fr)
73 - (réf. -CAN/2017003) thesis director : LEPRINCE DOMINIQUE (dominique.leprince@ibl.fr)

Regulation of the PRC2 complex by O-GlcNAcylation: a new link between nutrition, epigenetics and colorectal cancer?
keywords : colorectal cancer, Nutrition, Epigenetics, O-GlcNAcylation, Polycomb

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 03 - Head : SONCIN FABRICE (fabrice.soncin@ibl.cnrs.fr)
74 - (réf. -CAN/2017061) thesis director : SONCIN FABRICE (fabrice.soncin@ibl.cnrs.fr)

MicroRNA involved in the activation of blood vessel endothelial cells and in tumor escape from immunity
keywords : blood vessels, cancer, immunity, BioMEMs

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 04 - Head : MELNYK OLEG (oleg.melnyk@ibl.cnrs.fr)
75 - (réf. -CAN/2017074) thesis director : MELNYK OLEG (oleg.melnyk@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Novel methods for the chemical synthesis of cyclic proteins
keywords : Chemical synthesis, protein, cyclization

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 05 - Head : TULASNE DAVID (david.tulasne@ibl.cnrs.fr)
76 - (réf. -CAN/2017002) thesis director : LEJEUNE FABRICE (fabrice.lejeune@inserm.fr)

Characterization of correctors of UAG nonsense mutations
keywords : nonsense mutation, molecule, genetic diseases, cancer, therapeutic approach

77 - (réf. -CAN/2017064) thesis director : TULASNE DAVID (david.tulasne@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Involvement of MET exon 14 skipping in lung cancer
keywords : Receptor tyrosine kinase, MET, HGF, Lung cancer, Exon, splicing, CRISPR-Cas9

78 - (réf. -CAN/2017089) thesis director : CORTOT ALEXIS (alexis.cortot@chru-lille.fr)

Study of mechanism of resistance to MET inhibitor in MET exon 14 skipping cancer cells
keywords : MET, Resistance , Target therapy, lung cancer.

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 06 - Head : DELHEM NADIRA (nadira.delhem@ibl.cnrs.fr)
79 - (réf. -CAN/2017007) thesis director : MORALES OLIVIER (olivier.morales@ibl.fr)

Impact of breast cancer cell-derived exosomes treated by Chemotherapy on Immune System Regulation: Identification of Early Biomarkers Diagnosis and Prognosis
keywords : Immune cells, Treg, Breast cancer, Exosomes, Chemotherapy, Normoxia, Hypoxia, Radiothérapy

main line : Other main lines
EA2694 - Head : DUHAMEL ALAIN (alain.duhamel@univ-lille2.fr)
80 - (réf. -AUT/2017083) thesis director : HUBERT HERVE (herve.hubert@univ-lille2.fr)

Study of medication strategies in the medical management of cardiac arrest
keywords : cardiac arrest; drug; assessment; public health; registry

81 - (réf. -AUT/2017086) thesis director : DUHAMEL ALAIN (alain.duhamel@univ-lille2.fr)

Analysis of heterogeneous multivariate functional data
keywords : functional data analysis, heterogeneous data, unsupervised clustering, hospital data

EA4483 - Head : LO-GUIDICE JEAN-MARC (jean-marc.lo-guidice@univ-lille2.fr)
82 - (réf. -AUT/2017053) thesis director : DERAM ANNABELLE (annabelle.deram@univ-lille2.fr)

Mapping approaches of territorial indices of vulnerability and resillience in environmental health field
keywords : spatial analysis, fine-tune territorial diagnosis, integrated index, public health, environmental factors

83 - (réf. -AUT/2017075) thesis director : COURTECUISSE RéGIS (regis.courtecuisse@univ-lille2.fr)

From metabarcoding to environmental management : a multidisciplinary study of hyperdiverse fungal communities
keywords : bioindicators, functional fungal communities, endophytes, eutrophization, management indicators, mutualism, Natura2000, pollutions

84 - (réf. -AUT/2017087) thesis director : ALLORGE DELPHINE (delphine.allorge@univ-lille2.fr)

Development and application of methods of risk controls to reduce occupational exposure to injectable antineoplastic drugs
keywords : Occupational exposure, injectable antineoplasic drugs, chemical decontamination, exposure and effect biomarkers, prevention and risk management

EA7369 éQ. 01 - Head : BERTHOIN SERGE (serge.berthoin@univ-lille2.fr)
85 - (réf. -AUT/2017066) thesis director : MUCCI PATRICK (patrick.mucci@univ-lille2.fr)

Muscle endurance in COPD patients: effects of specific physical training program.
keywords : COPD, training program, muscle endurance, respiratory physiology, functional capacity

INSERM U995 éQ. 06 - Head : BOULANGER ERIC (eric.boulanger@univ-lille2.fr)
86 - (réf. -AUT/2017069) thesis director : TESSIER FRéDéRIC / GLOWACKI FRANCOIS-XAVIER (frederic.tessier@univ-lille2.fr / Francois.GLOWACKI@CHRU-LILLE.FR)

Influence of the nutritional environment on aging: Involvement of histone glycation in gene expression variation and consequences on renal aging.
keywords : aging, glycation, epigenetics, kidney, histones, mass spectrometry

INSERM U995 éQ. 07 - Head : CHAVATTE PHILIPPE (philippe.chavatte@univ-lille2.fr)
87 - (réf. -AUT/2017094) thesis director : GHINET ALINA (alina.ghinet@hei.fr)

Development of new biosourced agents as vine and wheat defense stimulators (Acronym: VIEBIOSTIM)
keywords : Ecophyto II, biosources, sustainable chemistry, elicitors (SDPs)

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 01 - Head : ABBADIE CORINNE (corinne.abbadie@ibl.cnrs.fr)
88 - (réf. -AUT/2017014) thesis director : PLUQUET OLIVIER (OLIVIER.PLUQUET@ibl.cnrs.fr)

ATF6a signaling network in senescence
keywords : Endoplasmic reticulum stress, ATF6a, primary cells, senescence, skin

UMR CNRS 8161 éQ. 04 - Head : MELNYK OLEG (oleg.melnyk@ibl.cnrs.fr)
89 - (réf. -AUT/2017010) thesis director : VICOGNE JEROME (jerome.vicogne@ibl.cnrs.fr)

Role of Venus Kinase Receptors in Reproduction and Ageing of Schistosomes.
keywords : Schistosomiasis, parasitology, tyrosine kinase receptor, ligand-receptor, structure.

UMR8576 éQ. 10 - Head : BALL STEVEN (steven.ball@univ-lille1.fr)
90 - (réf. -AUT/2017093) thesis director : COLLEONI CHRISTOPHE (christophe.colleoni@univ-lille1.fr)

The function of Chlamydiales in the establishment of eukaryotic photosynthesis: biochemical and functional approaches
keywords : endosymbiosis, Chlamydiales, plastid, transporter, pylogenomics